has published an article regarding StrataNet as one of the widest commercially viable network infrastructures across Asia, as the demand for capacity is being driven by the introduction of new data services across Asia and SE Asia’s rapidly growing middle class.

We are strategically connecting a range of existing subsea cable assets to deliver a highly resilient and hyper connected network solution which currently spans across Asia and on to the US.

It focuses on our purpose – to integrate and monetise disparate, under-utilised, and under-valued telecommunication assets to deliver a multi-path, multi-country network underpinned by an unprecedented commercial model for our customers.

“While StrataNet Group focuses our investments at the base level of telecommunications infrastructure, with an ever-increasing demand for data and high bandwidth applications and pervasive uptake of AI across existing networks, it’s an exciting time to be working in telecommunications as we head toward a hyper-connected global community”, says Chris de Josselin, CEO.

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