Event Dates: 8 April 2019 - 9 April 2019

StrataNet at CommsDay Summit 2019

Commsday Summit 2019

CommsDay Summit is the industry event where network leaders converge to make 5G, the NBN, IoT and cybersecurity happen. Expect to hear from the executive ranks of major carriers, industry regulators as well as industry associations and the opposition. From channels to market in the form of NBN retail service providers, mobile virtual network operators and NBN bypass networks. And from the enablers of the infrastructure behind the access network such as data centres and submarine cables. CommsDay events are characterised by their candour and topicality. So we will address the challenges and opportunities of the Chinese 5G vendor ban. What a change of government might mean for the NBN. How telcos will adapt to new Homeland Security requirements. Whether 3.5GHz is the beginning of the 5G revolution or whether that will wait for mmWave. And much more. Including the union of our annual awards series—the Edisons—with our CommsDay Summit dinner.


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